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Inbound and Outbound

Customs Clearance

We provide all-inclusive customs clearing and forwarding services for inbound and outbound freight shipments into all major air and seaports in Nigeria and beyond. We possess a deep familiarity with international shipment clearance procedures. We offer suggestions on rules and regulations of customs, duty charges, and other regulatory bodies present at the destination port.


Trucking and Hauling


We understand that every business has its specific needs and requirements but logistics is still paramount for any business to thrive.

365 day-a-year, around-the-clock service from EEL makes the many levels of domestic services possible.
We transport all kinds of cargo within Nigeria.


Secured Storage


offers warehousing and distribution services to businesses from all over the world. We have a broad network of warehousing and distribution channels and partners. This well-built association helps us offer dedicated warehousing and distribution solutions across the country. Our dedicated or shared warehousing services are opened for use for long or short term needs.


Shipping & Airfreight

Air & Sea Freight

We concentrate on Shipping and transporting goods by air. We ration prominent airlines and carry out operations at all cargo airports in Nigeria.

We engage with major shipping lines to deliver containers of various equipment designs and cargo within Nigeria ports and export globally.


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Access to 80 Countries

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Our Partnership with WFO

World Freight Organization (WFO) is an independent freight forwarders network created to give their members a full support in their operations with membership in more than 80 major countries.

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