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Why we exist

Our mission

To provide our clients with world class logistics solutions, in a style that meets the customer’s needs, while placing the highest emphasis on integrity and professionalism.


Our Objective

Our vision

To be the foremost customer’s choice in providing total logistics solutions in a reliable and efficient manner.


More about us


EasyErrand Logistics (EEL), a company that is strictly quality service-oriented. The company was conceptualized with the aim of rendering integrated supply chain management services comprising Product Purchase and Supply, Air / Sea Freighting, Customs Clearance, Warehousing, Transportation, Airline Services and cargo General Sales Agent. EasyErrand Ltd is in partnership with a worldwide group called “World Freight Organization (WFO) –” with membership in more than 80 major countries.

The management team of Easy Errand Limited is an assemblage of foresighted, dynamic and astute professionals who are quite knowledgeable in all the services we render to our numerous clients.

In line with the above, please find attached (EEL Value Added Services) aimed at providing total supply chain management that will position EEL / WFO to perform a number of fundamental functions as a valuable partner to your organization, thus allowing our clients to concentrate on their core competencies.

EEL is well positioned in any major country of the world and equally have reliable WFO partners who can handle all the consignments from origin to destination (Turnkey Service).

Why you should work with us


Below the list of some value-added services that we can offer to West African Ventures.

    • EEL having a WFO partner gives you a cost savings of between 5 – 10% of your freight cost.
    • Information is power and key. Giving back to back update on status, drives project to time-line and resultant savings in cost of funds.
    • Turnkey service means professionalism. Global partnership gives you the earned advantage of volume sales pricing on shipping companies and airlines.
    • While you chase your core-competences of company business and management, our group World Freight Organization (WFO) takes charge of your logistics hassles.
    • Delay in documentation / transfer is extinguished with the shipping line, thereby retaining a huge amount on your deposit refunds.
    • Joint business relationship with us (WFO) MAY facilitate non-deposits on containers due to your anticipated volume. This makes more funds available to you for other activities.
    • Delay of any sort is pure REVENUE DRAIN in logistics matters. This is avoidable with our joint management and understanding of applicable duties.
    • Your L/Cs are better if on FOB basis. This keeps your money on freight / insurance available for other activities for at least three weeks before disbursement. Nominating your own forwarder gives you a 5 – 10% savings.
    • Error in documentation is eliminated as we (WFO) jointly vet and approve before dispatch.
    • EEL with her Partners (WFO) covering over 80 countries worldwide at local and integral levels take charge at all shipment stage starting from manufacturing to delivery at your door step. Please see
    • We aim to give West African Ventures peace of mind by saving cost and providing quality services. We urge you to utilize our (WFO) SEAMLESS services to your corporate advantage.


We offer special and competent consultancy services to our customers when it comes to government related issues.

We also offer delivery services within the country ranging from mails to cargo deliveries with a very good competitive price.

Meet the management team




Mike Onwurah



Zannah Kachalla Abdu


Managing Director

Wole Adebisi

Our Core Values

  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Professionalism
  • Affordability

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